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The SBI has already taken on these companies

Russian hotels in Ukraine

There are 3 hotel chains in Ukraine that have Russian owners. Premier Reikartz Mozart

Hotels in Russia and Ukraine

A number of hotels in Ukraine with owners or beneficiaries from Russia have been identified.
And hotels that continue to work in Russia and pay taxes.

Premier Hotels and Resorts
Reikartz Hotel Group
Optima Hotels and Resorts
Mozart Hotel Group
Radisson Hotels
Accor Hotels
Louvre Hotels Group
Others hotels

About us

You rest in Russian hotels - you support the war in Ukraine!

We have a small unit that investigates and disseminates information about Russian owners of hotel chains in Ukraine. About how they support the war, lie, do business in Russia, etc.

We also talk about international hotels that still operate in Russia. They have not left the market and continue to pay taxes as if nothing happened.

We have insiders and we know exactly what we are talking about. There are proofs in every post. So far, no network has refuted our evidence. The only thing they can answer is "You're all lying, goodbye". Just a shame.

Follow us on social networks and read our posts to know all the news in the hotel industry.


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