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The Louvre Hotels Group hotel chain remains in Russia and enters Ukraine with two hotels

The 2nd hospitality group in Europe – Louvre Hotels Group, is not leaving Russia and continues to build hotels in Ukraine!

Tulip Inn Rosa Hotel in Sochi

Photo: Tulip Inn Rosa Hotel in Sochi

After the start of the war (February 24, 2022), global hotel chains began to withdraw from the Russian market. But the Louvre did not go off the market, and it was somehow ignored by the media. There are no articles on the topic of Louvre care from Russia. Although, according to our information, their hotels continue to operate there.
The Louvre Hotels company has 4 hotels in Russia - Tulip Inn Rosa Khutor Hotel, which continue to operate since the beginning of the war.There are two companies in Ukraine that are already going to build hotels for Louvre. Let's talk about them.

QUOROOM construction company


KVORUM is a construction company with many years of experience in the Lviv market and a proven reputation. Our team is competent builders, designers and architects who keep up with the times, introducing innovative solutions and advanced technologies (Говорится на их сайте)
Have 3 completed projects - House Q-2 “Quoroom Olimpik”- House Q-1 “Quoroom Aero”- House Q-3 “Quoroom Alley”

On the former territory of the motorcycle factory on the street 182 Horodotskii in Lviv will build a multifunctional complex with an apartment hotel and retail premises and an underground parking lot. The relevant city-planning conditions and restrictions on construction were approved at the meeting of the executive committee of the Lviv City Council on Monday, June 27.
During the meeting of the executive committee, the deputy mayor for urban planning, Lyubomir Zubach, announced that the developer has a preliminary agreement to place the hotel of the French chain Louvre Hotel Group in the complex.
When asked whether Quoroom really chose Louvre, it is not known. But we are still waiting for an official response.



LLC "HALYTSKA BUILDING GUILD" was founded in 2011. The founders of this enterprise are professional builders with extensive work experience who held key positions at enterprises in the construction industry.

The company was created with the aim of becoming one of the most powerful enterprises in Ukraine and providing a full range of high-quality construction services that will satisfy the most demanding customers.
The main value of the enterprise is its personnel. Currently, the enterprise is staffed by a young, well-coordinated team of professionals for whom CONSTRUCTION is LIFE. (It says on their website)

They have more than 50 projects
- "VAM" shopping center
- Administrative building "Snezhka-Ukraine"- Construction of an elite residential building on the street. Lysenko in Lviv- 5-storey residential building on the street. Stryyska, 189 in Lviv- Multi-apartment residential building on Chornovola Avenue in Lviv

They are planning to build with Louvre - KRISTAL PLAZA
KRISTAL PLAZA is located in the epicenter of innovations and technologies of Lviv. The new promising area is formed by: IT-park, LvivTech.City and other IT companies, as well as a progressive educational institution - Ukrainian Katalotskyi University.

Multifaceted, as if precious, the business center combined: spacious "A" class offices, a comfortable co-working space, a modern sports hall, a prestigious aparthotel and a coffee shop.

The premium business center is multifunctional, because there are many rooms for various activities. One of the advantages of a multifunctional complex is that we build it as if for ourselves. Everything is reliable, thoughtful, functional and stylish. After all, the office of the Galician Building Guild will be in the same building as yours, if you choose KRISTAL PLAZA for yourself.



We are very ashamed of the Ukrainian companies that build hotels together with pro-Russian chains. Especially when there is a war going on. Our entrepreneurs should know that it is not possible to contact companies that support the war in our country!
We demand that Quoroom and the Guild publicly refuse to work with the Louvre Hotels Group.