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The mayor of Lviv unexpectedly canceled the turnout of Russian companies in Lviv

Andriy Sadovy published a list of 79 Russian companies,
who continue to work in Lviv

Andriy Sadovy

Photo: Mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovy

Today, September 8, Andriy Sadovy published a list of 79 out of 340 companies whose owners are citizens of the Russian Federation and which continue to work in Lviv.
"More than 340 businesses in Lviv are directly or indirectly owned by Russians. We sent letters with all the information about them to the law enforcement authorities at the end of April..."
I am now publicly adding one of the lists of Russian business owners in Lviv. I recommend that the law enforcement agencies deal with them first of all," wrote Sadovy.
This list includes the Lviv Isolation Plant (the director is Oksana Dynik, a member of the Lviv City Council from Samopomochi), LLP "Brockard Ukraine" and hotels of the Reikartz chain, which has repeatedly received money from the city budget for the accommodation of guests and partners of the Executive Committee of the Lviv City Council.

List of 79 Russian companies

Raikartz Hotel Group
Andriy Sadovy's list 2 sides
Andriy Sadovy's list 3 sides
Andriy Sadovy's list 4 sides
Andriy Sadovy's list 5 sides
Andriy Sadovy's list 6 sides
Andriy Sadovy's list 7 sides
Andriy Sadovy's list 8 sides

We would like to remind you that according to Opendatabot, the company has owners from the Russian Federation - VASYN YURI VALERIEVICH

Опендата Васіна Юрія Валерійовича

Photo: Opendata Vasin Yuryy Valeriyovych

And this means that a % of the income for the brand and management goes to this citizen in Russia.We demand that Ukrainian hotels under the Reikartz brand renounce it publicly!