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Zelensky introduced sanctions against Reikartz hotels

Ukraine has imposed sanctions against dozens of foreign companies linked to Russian individuals that own large assets in Ukraine - for example, the Kryvyi Rih Iron Ore Combine, the Reikartz and Premier hotel chains. Some of these assets have already been seized.

Reikartz Group, the largest Russian hotel chain in Ukraine

The company is positioned as the largest hotel operator in Ukraine.
The chain also has hotels in Kazakhstan, Sweden, Germany, Georgia and other countries:

Part of the list of hotels of the Reikartz Hotel Group brand in Ukraine

Photo: Part of the list of hotels of the Reikartz Hotel Group brand in Ukraine

"REIKARTS AND PARTNERS. UKRAINE LTD" is listed in the Unified State Register as a joint Ukrainian-Belgian enterprise in the form of a limited liability company "REIKARTS AND PARTNERS. UKRAINE".

Address: city of Lviv, street Drukarska, building 9
Date of establishment: 07/09/1999
EDRPOU code: 30478157

The company "Reikartz Hotels and Resorts (Cypress) Limited" - UAH 19,614,348. (99.99%);
Limited liability company "Friotron Holdings Limited" - founder UAH 2,594. (0.01%).

According to Opendatabot, the beneficiary is Yuriy Vasin, who is registered at the address: Moscow city, Shchukino district, Gamalii street, building No. 6, apartment No. 15:

Sanctions have also been introduced against companies associated with Viktor Medvedchuk, ex-Deputy of the banned OPZZ, and other sanctioned persons. In addition, founders, managers and beneficiaries of pro-Russian companies that own significant assets on the territory of Ukraine fell under the restrictions.

President of Ukraine Zelensky

The list also includes the Reikartz Hotels and Resorts (Cyprus) Limited, Friotron Holdings Limited and Friotron Holdings Limited.

Opendata Vasyn Yury Valerievich

Photo: Opendata Vasyn Yury Valerievich

Update: After the publication of this material, the CEO of Reikartz Hotel Group Andriy Dema contacted the editors of RBC-Ukraine, who asked to add new information regarding the citizenship of the beneficiary of Reikartz and Partners LLC and Yuriy Vasin of Reikartz Hotel Group.

Andriy Dema provided passport data confirming that the owner and ultimate beneficiary of the hotel chain Yuriy Vasin has a passport of a citizen of the Republic of Turkey:

Turkish passport of Yury Valerievich Vasyn

Photo: Turkish passport of Yury Valerievich Vasyn

This all means that a % of the income for the brand and management goes to these citizens in Russia.We demand that Ukrainian hotels under the Rekardz brands publicly renounce them!