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Russian hotels in Ukraine

Two more hotels with Russian owners were found in Kharkiv and Odesa regionVilla Penta and Kiroff

Kiroff Hotel

One of the hotels in Kharkiv, which, according to open registers, is also connected with Russians. Located in the geographical center of the city.

"The services include modern rooms, a restaurant of European cuisine and a SPA center. The hotel's hospitality traditions are combined with modern solutions and standards of professional service," the hotel's website says.

Hotel Kiroff

Photo: Hotel "Kiroff" in the center of Kharkiv

Full name: Limited Liability Company "Kiroff Hotel".
Address: Kharkiv city, Molochna street, building 14-A
Date of establishment: 19.12.2014
EDRPOU code: 39556290

According to Opendatabot, the company has owners from the Russian Federation:

Photo: the owner of the Kiroff Hotel

Photo: the owner of the Kiroff Hotel

Hotel "Villa Penta"

A large resort hotel on the coast of the Black Sea in Odesa region is positioned as a multidisciplinary health and wellness complex, located in close proximity to the coast, in the picturesque resort village of Sanzheyka, 40 kilometers from Odesa. He also found beneficiaries from Russia.

Hotel "Villa Penta" in Odesa region

Photo: Hotel "Villa Penta" in Odesa region

Full name: "Villa Penta" limited liability company.
Address: Odesa region, Ovidiopol district, Sanzhiyka village, Centralna street, building 25
Date of establishment: 26.03.2012
EDRPOU code: 38167312

According to Opendatabot, the beneficiaries of this business are:

● Valery Zlochevskyi, who is registered at the address: Russia, 65604, city of Barnaul, Anatoliya Street, building 91, apartment 5;
● Serhiy Zlochevskyi, who is registered at the address: 14352, Moscow region, Istrina district, Kotovo village, building 31, building B.

This all means that a % of the income for the brand and management goes to these citizens in Russia.
We demand that the Villa Penta and Kiroff hotels leave the Ukrainian market