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Bankhotel and FSB Agent

Vyacheslav Yutkin builds hotels in Lviv with Russian money

Vyacheslav Yutkin

Photo: Vyacheslav Yutkin

The fact that at the beginning of the nineties of the last century, employees of the special services began to actively retrain as businessmen is not a secret for anyone
The very specifics of the work provided huge opportunities for mastering new areas of activity - the Chekists knew many secrets of the newly emerging nouveau riche, and the connections with their colleagues were not only on the territory of the former Union, but also all over the world.
Vyacheslav Yutkin, who is currently actively working in Ukraine, was among such former Chekists. He is best known for building hotels, but this is not his only business. According to the youcontrol website, he is to one degree or another involved in the activities of 30 companies.

youcontrol Vyacheslav Yutkin

Photo: youcontrol Vyacheslav Yutkin

And it all started way back in 1995, when colleagues from Moscow approached him and offered to head the NRB bank in Ukraine. According to Yutkin, the proposal was made to him by Artemiy Lebedev, a former KGB member and Russian oligarch.
However, friction later arose with Lebedev - according to Yutkin, he "abandoned" him after Yutkin built the "More" complex in Crimea - allegedly contrary to Lebedev's promises to transfer this complex to Yutkin's possession, it turned out that the latter's name is not among the owners.
In addition, it is worth recalling that Yutkin once headed the daughter of the Russian Savings Bank in Ukraine and Prominvestbank with Russian capital.Yutkin does not hide that he worked and works in close connection with Russian colleagues and with Russian money.
All these facts, however, do not prevent him from continuing to do business in our country even today. And, it seems, the domestic special services do not care at all.Although, if you analyze the data of the Youcontrol resource, it will turn out that almost all businesses in which Yutkin participates are on the sanctions lists of the national NSDC and international partners of Ukraine:

Youcontrol список санкцiй

Photo: Youcontrol list of sanctions

Including hotels that Yutkin has been actively building in recent years. He owns "Park Hotel Kyiv" in the capital, "Pushcha Congress Hotel" in Pushcha-Vodytsia, "Hlibivka Country Hotel" in Hlibivka, Vyshgorod District, Kyiv Oblast, and a hotel in the Carpathians. In Lviv, Yutkin owns BANKHOTEL, opened in 2018.



All these hotel projects, as you understand, were very expensive. Where the money came from, Vyacheslav Yutkin himself does not particularly disclose, but, for example, regarding BANKHOTEL, he stated that 60% of the sum of 20 million dollars, which was spent on its reconstruction and opening, belongs to him personally. And the remaining 40% are loans from "Taskombank" and "VTB" bank, which is also Russian. By the way, it is headed by Leonid Kostin, a member of the Supreme Council of the United Russia party, who is under US sanctions.
In addition, according to data from the state registers of the Russian Federation, Vyacheslav Yutkin remains a co-owner of hotels in Crimea and conducts business there according to the laws of the aggressor country. He owns the "Morska" hotel together with the general of the Russian foreign intelligence service, Oleksandr Lebedev, and the "Tavriyskyi" apart-hotel. Yutkin also controls the Slava hotel in Alushta.
If you look at the enterprises that Yutkin owns, then in their list there will be at least three that have the abbreviation "NRB" in their name:



And if you look at the official biography of Artemiy Lebedev, it turns out that until 2019 he was the owner of the National Reserve Bank, NRB for short. This enterprise is located in Russia, in Moscow:


Photo: NRB

However, Yutkin does not hide that NRB is involved in his business in Ukraine. But this also does not prevent Vyacheslav Mykhailovych from conducting business in our country.
Including big business, which is precisely what Vyacheslav Mykhailovych Yutkin is doing in our country, using Russian money and connections with his colleagues from the KGB of the USSR and the FSB of the Russian Federation.
We demand the termination of BANKHOTEL and the transfer of rights to ARMA